Saturday, October 22, 2011

Inside Out

This book was creative. Trella - a scrub - works cleaning the pipes. Her and hundreds like her, live each day to keep the compound clean. They work in ten hour shifts, life is measure in hours and weeks. She is a loner, by choice and her one true friend is a boy named Cog.

She helps Cog hide the Broken Man, who preaches about a gateway and gets herself deep into a mystery and an unlikely rebellion.

With the help of some uppers (the people who 'run' the compound) she and her fellow scrubs start taking control of their lives, and looking for the gateway. What waits outside the pipes and walls?

This is a first book. The second one is called Outside IN...and thankfully is out. Its the next book I am reading. I found this to be interesting. A very easy read, but I liked it.

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