Thursday, September 29, 2011

Angels Fall - Nora Roberts

I enjoyed this book enough to rent the dvd based on the book. Although I am sure it won't be nearly as good.

In this, Reese a top chef in Boston witness a shooting and almost dies herself. After recovering she flees Boston, always moving, always running. Her car breaks down in a small town called Angel's fist. (dumbest name ever by the way). There she takes a job being a short order cook at the local diner and starts to think about settling down. Then she witness a murder and it seems the only person who believes her is Brody, a fiction writer. Mysterious things start happening, making Reese think she has slipped mentally. Its up to her and Brody to get to the bottom of who is behind this and find out who the murder is and if the two are connected.

This honestly left me guess till the second it was revealed, which to me is the BEST. I hate knowing how a book is going to end. Nora has a usual writing style, which obviously I like. I do find that I need to take a break from here after a few books because...well it gets a old, guy meets girl, they have awesome sex, they fall in love. For some reason I am on kick, and she has written over 150 books. So it gives me stuff to read. They may not be literary greatness, but they are compelling, engaging reads. I do enjoy them. And this one was no exception.

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