Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Passion - Lauren Kate

Book three of the fallen series. So if you haven't read the first two...bugger off till you do then come back.

In this Luce has jumped through an Announcer to travel back through her past lives. She is searching for a reason Daniel loves her, why she loves him. And is there a way to break the curse for good? 

Along the way she travels to some interesting times in human history. Becoming a Princess and a slave and everything in between. The only constant is Daniel and their love for each other.

I actually was at first bored and the quickly warmed up to this book. I think I was bored because I got so angry at the pair of them. Him for not being honest about...well everything...Angel's are so secretive. And her of course, for running off. But it was interesting to read about her past lives. I did enjoy that. I look forward to the fourth and final one, Rapture which is rumored for Spring 2012.

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