Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jennifer Government - Max Barry

You ever read a book that you think, "wow this is going to be awesome it has such an orginal idea!", and then you read it and when you are done you think..."hmmm." Yeah this was that book.

That being said. I am not saying it was bad. It wasn't. I am just not saying it was a good as it could have been. There were parts that made me laugh, Max Barry has a very dark, sarcastic sense of humor and I like that. But over all the book just lagged.

This is a story about a world where, government doesn't control people. You have to 'hire' police. You have to pay for any kind of justice. Big corporations run the country. If you work for Walmart say, your name would be your first name and Walmart. Hello, I am John Walmart. Your kids go to school, they would be their name and who the school is run by, say Target. Then in parentheses mom and dad's name: Amy Target (Walmart  BestBuy). Also there are rewards card. US Alliance and Team Advantage. They give discounts, and such for major corporations. Problem is McDonald's is one and Burger King is another. Mac is one, Apple is another. You get the picture. It is a book about who owns the biggest market share, who wants money bad kill. One man does and he stops at nothing to get what he wants. Unfortunately, Jennifer Government will stop at nothing to stop him.

There are many players involved and many different agendas. This had a wonderful idea, the plot was good, delivery was so-so. I am glad I read it, having said that I won't be seeking out many of his other books. Sorry Mr. Barry.

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  1. That sounds so boring LOL
    well, you know how I feel about conspiracy books xD