Sunday, January 9, 2011

Feed - M.T. Anderson

I am not sure how I felt about this book. I read it in two days, but that might be because it was a short book, (only 299 pages), or because it was really good. I just can't decide. I didn't like the main character, he was kind of a brat with no redeeming qualities. When you don't like the main character its hard to be emotionally invested in the story line.

That being said, I did enjoy idea. To some extent, we are half way in this world already. With smartphones, social networks, up to the minute news/weather, Internet TV and radio, take it with you where ever you go, and whatever you are doing. We are already living in a world controlled by, the Feed. In this story, everyone is actually hooked up, via their brains, to the feed. 24/, music, social, shopping, GPS, games, etc. All in your head any time you need it. It would frustrate me to live like this! I mean honestly, imagine walking down the street and everything you see you get information on. Everything. The kids in this future don't know how to read (or read very little). Yikes! I just can't imagine it, and yet we are already living it. (on a smaller scale). At least the kids still have to read now in order to get the information. There is that at least. Its scary, one of the more scarier versions of the future that I have read. I pray we never get the technology to do this (or if its even possible).

All in all I think it was a good read. For those who like science fiction/futuristic books, this one is defiantly for you.

People may think I am depressing, or sick. But an 'end of the world' scenario for me, is much better if all technology, just went away. I don't believe it has done anyone any good anyway. (yes medical research and advancements are awesome and amazing! I don't include that in this). My sister came up with a great quote, which fits our new generation perfectly..."We are so connected, that we are disconnected."

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  1. that's right biznaches, I said that! Haha, but yea. I told you this book was awesome and that you should have read it like 3 years ago :P MT Anderson is so messed up. I read "Thirst" by him too and that was awesome. I kind of want to read his other stuff, like "Ocatavious Nothing: Traitor to the Nation"...

    I would have to go granola is this world happened.. I couldn't handle it.